This holistic, non-evasive therapy treats the whole body. Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet or hands and this stimulates nerve endings and energy flow throughout the body. A treatment is normally extremely relaxing and aids the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Reflexology treats the whole person and is suitable for almost everyone. Both mind and body benefit from a session and a treatment can be very helpful in handling stress and anxiety. It can help to alleviate chronic symptoms as well as provide support to individuals undergoing conventional medical treatment.

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Treatment Duration (mins) Member Price Non-Member Price
Foot Reflexology 60 £50 £55
Foot Reflexology 40 £35 £40
Mini Foot Reflexology 30 £25 £30
Hand Reflexology 45 £35 £40
Foot Reflexology Course 6 x 1hr £250 £275
Foot Reflexology Course 6 x 40mins £190 £210
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