With so many offerings out there in the beauty and aesthetics industry, it is easy to become sceptical and disbelieving that all treatments and products can actually do what they claim. We often choose the cheaper options for our beauty enhancements to hedge our bets, preferring to spend our hard earned money on fabulous shoes, clothes or a holiday.

The fabulous shoes though might never be as comfortable as you would like, that dress might not stand the test of time or the holiday didn’t quite live up to expectations.  There is always still a risk and no real return on investment.

However, never have I ever heard anyone say (if they have been to a reputable establishment) that they regret having Laser or IPL hair removal.  For me personally, and I’m going back 15 years when I initially took the plunge, it is by far the best thing I have spent money on.  The continuous and no win battle with body hair came to an end.  No need to shave or wax again and suffer from all the negative effects of either.  Victorious and liberated sound a bit strong but that is exactly how it felt!


If you have dark body hair which needs to be shaved more than twice a week, let’s face it…it can become at best bristly or at worst downright distressing. Overnight, the hair seems to get thicker and stronger and can often cause a shaving rash and general discomfort.  Nobody likes to feel stubbly skin anywhere on the body except when it’s on a man’s face and that is exactly how your legs and/or bikini area can start to feel after regular shaving!

The next most popular option is of course Waxing which for many women with light hair growth and fair hair is an excellent alternative, although obviously not completely pain free! Your skin can feel silky smooth for a couple of weeks and when it does start to grow is only slightly noticeable. For everyone else though with denser and darker hair, that regrowth period is a pain in the neck…or chin, or legs, underarms, bikini area etc…. You then need to wait until the hair is 3 or 4mm long before your next wax. Restrictive if you want to bare your legs on a sunny day or just annoying as last week when there was no hair, it was typically raining and cold. Timing of your treatment is then of course an added complication.

An additional problem can also be bumpy skin as the hairs start to break through the skin and if they get trapped can cause ingrown hairs which can be red, raised and painful. Although this effect can be minimized by gentle exfoliation and moisturizing, for some it can be an ongoing problem.

Sooo……what is the best solution?

Well… luckily there is a much better solution in the form of Laser and IPL technology. Heating the hairs beneath the surface of the skin to safely destroy the hair follicles…ta dah brilliant! Admittedly more expensive but it’s permanent! Using a reputable, regularly serviced machine, operated by an experienced operator, the results can be truly amazing and dare I say it, life changing! No more stubble, ingrown hairs, blotchy skin and having to wait for hair to grow. It even rejuvenates your skin.

The area to be treated has to be shaved ideally the day before and can be shaved between treatments which are normally 6 – 8 weeks apart. Normally between 6 and 10 sessions are needed to achieve the best result. Results are gradual but less and less hair will grow back after each treatment…it’s so satisfying! And makes up for the hot ouchy sensation at each zap which becomes reassuring when you associate the discomfort with Victory and Liberation. It is worth it and so are you! The skin is cooled before and after which definitely helps.

Going for a swim, going to a Spa, going on a beach holiday, choosing what to wear on a warm, sunny day will never again give you a sense of dread. No longer trapped in the body hair prison.  FREEDOM!

Fem Soin Technispa